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July 1926: The Hitler Youth is formally formed with Kurt Gruber as its leader.

August 1927: Gruber leads 300 Hitler Youths in a march at the Nuremberg Rally, earning praise from Hitler.

July 1930 - The Bund Deutscher Mädel, the League of German Girls, is founded.

October 30, 1931 - Baldur von Schirach was chosen for Nazi Youth Leader.

June 1933 - Schirach becomes the Youth Leader of the German Reich.

December 1936 - The Hitler Youth Law makes membership mandatory for all youths aged 10 to 18

March 25, 1939 - A new tougher law concerning compulsory Hitler Youth membership conscripts all German boys aged 10 into the Hitler Youth.

August 1940 - Artur Axmann succeeds Schirach as Hitler Youth Leader.

March 13, 1942 - Hitler orders new military training camps to provide three weeks of mandatory training for all boys aged 16 to 18.

June 24, 1943 - The 12th SS-Panzer Division Hitlerjugend is created.

April 20, 1945 - On his 56th birthday, Hitler pins medals on Hitler Youth boys outside his bunker in Berlin.

October 1, 1946 - At the Nuremberg Trials, ex-Hitler Youth Leader Schirach is sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for crimes against humanity.

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