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The girls' version of Hitler Youth

The girls' version of the Hitler Youth consisted of two age groups:

  • Age 10-14 was called Jungmadel, or Young Girls League. This age group didn't focus on motherhood but, more things like exercise and ideology.

  • Age 14-21 was called the Belief and Beauty Society which started in 1938. Women in this catagory mainly prepared for becoming a mother and how to raise children.



The BDM incorporated the teaching of Nazism in outdoor activites. This made it more enjoyable for the girls. They were taught all the awful things that the Nazis believed. Sometimes, they were even taught by Hitler himself or the current leader of Hitler Youth. 


Nazi Germany strongly believed in teaching girls how to become good mothers and housewifes. They wanted women to have many babies and for them to grow up and join the army. This is what the girls age 14-21 were mainly taught. They believed that this was just another way to make Germany and its army stronger.

Physical Exercise

Girls in BDM ran, did jumping jacks, and lifted weights. This was very similar to what the boys were doing. Germany wanted their citizens to be strong and healthy, so when women grew up and had children, they would be in good shape and healthy just like their mother.

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