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Kurt Gruber was a law student who joined the Nazi party in 1923. He replaced Gustav Lenk who was the previous leader of Hitler Youth when it just began. Hitler was very impressed by Gruber's passion and talent. He introduced the standard Hitler Youth uniforms, a brown shirt and black shorts and a unique arm band with a Nazi swastika but they didn't have the white circular background. Instead, the arm band had a white stripe which was meant to easily distinguish the children from brownshirted storm troopers. Gruber played a big role in Hitler Youth. He grew the numbers of members by a lot and got the program to reach a higher level. He added more activities, rules, and procedures to Hitler Youth. He was very successful at his job, but competion started for the leadership role and Schirach was in it to win it.


Baldur Von Schriach was very competitive for Gruber's job. At the age of 18, he joined the Nazi party. Schirach's father was a rich German army captain, and his mother was an American who was descended from two signers of the Declaration of Independence. He had a very good education growing up and first became interested in Hitler and the Nazis at a Rally. In July 1928, Schirach was appointed Leader of the Nazi Student Association. He wanted to gain power and was aiming to replace Kurt Gruber. Schirach critized Gruber to Hitler for the financial losses of Hitler Youth. Gruber told Hitler that he was the man who would make Hitler Youth a more successful organization. In October 1931, Schriach replaced Gruber as the leader of Hitler Youth.


Artur Axmann was born on Feburary 18th 1913, and didn't die until October 24, 1996. He lived in Hagen, Germany, and joined Hitler Youth as a 15 year old. He distinguished himself in the eyes of Nazi superiors by organizing units of young workers modeled on early Communist labor union organizations, but with the task of seeking converts to National Socialism. He was very successful and was called to Berlin and joined the national leadership of the Hitler Youth. He was in Germany's military from 1939-40. After being a successful soilder, Hitler replaced Schriach with him. Supposedly, he was the last person to see Hitler alive. In 1958, he was fined 25,000 dollars for his crimes. From then on, he worked as a sales representitive. His life hasn't caused any attention in Germany and his death wasn't even mentioned in any newspapers. 

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